Cloud-Based Total

Care System

Cost effective installation/the pulse sensor/

easy data sharing

A care recipient can be monitored by using various wireless detection sensors on your PC or smartphone within your network

●Cost effective installation! 

   As long as you have a Wi-Fi environment is available in your home the

   initial cost is minimal. You can rent our detection sensors you can keep the

   budget lower.

●The Vital monitoring sensor which has a high demand in a senior care

   facility can be used with this system. 

●Easy data sharing! 

   Care recipients' detection information can be shared between a care facility

   and the care recipient's family members.


Receiver (Built in Router)

●It is compact and can be installed in a very small space. The

   wireless signals can be detected within the radius of 15m.

●By installing multiple receivers, a care recipient's position

   within a facility can be identified. 


Sensor Devices 

System Schema


Caring App for your smartphone


●A care giver can monitor a care recipient via a PC or a smartphone 24/7

●A large number of care recipients' caring data can be managed.

●There are various alert settings available 

   (e.g., upper and lower limits of pulse counts, an emergency call request,

   duration of inactive status)

●Based on the location of the receiver, a care recipient's position within a

   care facility or home can be identified.

●An alert signal is sent to your PC or smartphone along with corresponding

   information from the various detection sensors.