Nurse Call System


The wireless signal range could reach more than one kilometer

This system is designed to connect each individual room or bed's nurse call request through the existing power line communication in the facility. The installation of this system does not require any major construction to install the nurse call system.

What is NC-9000?

●Without using repeaters or signal extenders, the transmitter and

   the receiver can be directly connected wirelessly. This will help

   alleviate the financial burden for a facility.


Sensors for NC-9000

Home Environment Usage Examples

1. The system is suited to

use in a multi-story high raising building

2. The system is suited to

use between buildings

3. The system is suited to

Use within a neighborhood. When the system is used in a residential area the wireless signal can reach up to several hundred meters.

*Because of the technology used in this system, the wireless signal range varies based on the network environment. Please test the wireless signal and range before you use the system.

Home Environment Usage Examples

●Group Homes

●Small Multifunctional Facilities

●Assisted Living Facilities

●Retirement Homes

​●Geriatric Health Care Facilities, etc.