• Ruka

What can be connected to iBaby??

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

iBaby is not only just a monitor camera. The most attractive point of iBaby is that you can connect with external sensors. These sensors help you to care your important people and watch at facilities.

What kinds of sensors can you connect with iBaby?

You can connect sensors which are sold by Excel. Especially, we have "Mihariban II" series that is cordless nurse call system. The signal is sent to iBaby, and you can get notifications on your smartphone.

There are many types of sensors so that you can customize for your purpose.

1. Floor Sensor Pad

This sensor pad alerts when an individual's body weight creates a pressure on the pad. The pad can be placed where the individual places his or her feet when he or she leaves the bed.

2. Bed Sensor Pad

This sensor pad alerts when an individual's body weight discharges the pressure from the pad. The pad can be placed anywhere on the bed under the individual's body. The placement of the pad can be altered based on the individual's mobility and needs for care.

3. Wheelchair Sensor Pad

The sensor pad is designed to use for a wheelchair. The sensor pad alerts when an individual in the wheelchair discharges the body weight pressure (i.e., tries to get off the wheelchair) from the pad. When the individual gets back to the wheelchair the alert signal will be reset.

4. Infrared Double Sensor

Two types of infrared motion detection sensors accurately detect an individual's movements. The application of the sensors can be to detect when an individual gets up in the bed, slides off the bed, and does not get back in bed for a long period of time ("Not back in bed").

5. Magnet Sensor

When a magnet attached to the main unit (a bed or a wheelchair) separates from the main unit an alert signal is sent wirelessly to a nurse call station or an alarm sound is generated to warn an individual in a wheelchair.

6. Toilet Sensor

This pad can be used to help prevent falling accidents in a restroom. The sensor pad alert when an individual discharges the pressure of the body weight from the toilet seat or pad. The pads are waterproof.

7. Infrared Sensor

The sensor is intended to prevent wandering and to the monitor a door's open /shut activities.

8. Call Button

When patients push this button, alarm is sent to adapter.

9. Wireless Call Button

This is a portable nurse call activator. Pressing any of the 4 buttons will activate a nurse call system wirelessly. For an individual who has difficulty pushing a regular nurse call button, he or she can squeeze to activate the nurse call system.


Utilize iBaby with these sensors by matching to your purpose!!