Nurse Call System


This adapts various facility needs

The wireless nurse call system includes transmitters and a receiver. The various caring sensors (e.g., bed sensor pad, Floor Sensor Pad, wheelchair sensor pad) from Excel Engineering can be interfaced with this wireless nurse call system. The receiver transmits the signals to any existing nurse call system in a facility.

What is NC-5000?

●Excel Engineering's various detection sensors can be connected

   to the existing nurse call system wirelessly.

●Detection and/or nurse call request signals can be transmitted to

   the base and/or the portable receivers.


Sensors for NC-5000

Installation Example


Since the NC-5000 is a wireless signal transmission system, we will examine your wireless signal environment before preparing an estimate and installation of the system. Based on your facility's environment conditions, the system may require a repeater(s). Please examine the wireless signal coverage in your facility. Please contact us for more detailed information on the products. We are looking forward to hearing from you.