Wired Nurse Call Activation

In-room Alert System

Alert as nurse call activator or alert right there

This unit can be interfaced with the Excel Engineering's caring sensors and activate a nurse call system. In addition, this unit, with the Excel Engineering's caring sensors can be used as an in-room alert system for facilities without a nurse call system. There are eight different melodies and eight different types of alarm sounds to choose from to alert caregivers. Therefore, each individual's alarm sound can be identified when multiple units are being used.



The Wheelchair Sensor Pad can be connected to EXC02-5C. The EXC02-5C can alert an individual in a wheelchair by a melody/ buzzer sound when he/she tries to get up. The melody/ buzzer sound stops when the individual sits back down. There are multiple melodies and sounds available. If multiple users use  the system simultaneously they can be identified by the different melodies and sound they use.

Line up

To function as the in-room alert system with the Bed Sensor

EXC-02B is used to connect with an existing nurse call system

To function as the wheel chair alert system

The Bed Hanger can be used to hang the EXC-02B in the back of a wheelchair

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